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New vs. Used​ ǀ What's Right for You?

New vs Used
Buying a vehicle is a major investment and it certainly isn’t one to take lightly. There’s a lot of work that goes into buying and maintaining a vehicle. New and used vehicles both have their benefits and drawbacks. Despite popular belief, new cars might not always be the best choice. Many drivers could find the true value of used cars. Still, for the right driver, new cars can offer exactly what a driver both wants and needs.

New Cars

One of the most attractive benefits to buying a new car is that it isn’t used. New cars offer the peace of mind that you’re the first owner and there aren’t any hidden issues from previous drivers. As a result, most drivers can rest assured that the new car they’ve chosen will be as reliable as possible in the coming years.
In addition to being the first driver, new cars generally come with ​ a ​ 
fullmanufacturer-backed warranty that covers all repairs and defects for multiple years. Some automakers even offer a no-cost maintenance plan and roadside assistance.
New cars will also boast the most advanced technologies on the market, something used cars simply can’t match. They’ll also have updated engines, higher efficiency, new features, and better safety equipment. Buying a new car means you get the most updated design as well.

Used Cars


Used cars may not be new but they do come at a much lower price. Sometimes that difference can add up to thousands of dollars, enough to allow the buyer to upgrade to a nicer, newer model. In addition to costing less than a new car, used cars also cost less to insure as they cost less to replace.
Certified pre-owned programs offer a sense of renewed value and reliability, just like new models. Most programs offer a manufacturer-backed warranty, making used cars a true value comparable to new models.
The selection of used cars is also much wider than the selection of new cars. Used cars can be from any year or make and come in any package and model, including discontinued ones. That alone can allow drivers to get the exact vehicle they want at a much lower price.

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