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Top Used Ford Models

Buying a used car is a great financial decision. Used cars are much more reliable than they used to be in decades past, so you take a smaller risk with potential problems. And, when buying a used car, you don’t have to take on the hefty cost of the initial depreciation that comes with a new car.

Here are some of the most popular used Ford models:

Ford F-150

Ford Focus

*2013 Ford F-150 pictured

The F-150 has been the most popular vehicle in the United States for over three decades now. This means it is a truck you can count on, day in and day out. You’ll also get unbeatable capabilities, more features than you might know what to do with, and a comfortable interior. Pick your favorite model year and features and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find it!

*2015 Ford Focus pictured

Another popular Ford model is the Focus. The Focus is available as either a sedan or hatchback and is loved because of its versatility, fuel-efficiency, high-tech features, nimble ride, and comfortable interior. You’ll love its attractive styling and well-made interior.

Ford Mustang

Ford Explorer

*2015 Ford Mustang pictured

Who doesn’t love a Mustang? It has been an iconic addition to the automotive world since it was first introduced over 50 years ago. The Mustang is a lot of fun to own and drive—you’ll get attention wherever you go. Choose from either a two-door coupe or a convertible, to let the wind rush through your hair as you take tight corners.
*2013 Ford Explorer pictured

For over 25 years, the American people have loved the Ford Explorer. It is a great option for families and gets more high-tech features every year! There’s plenty of room for both passengers and their cargo.
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